Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Ottawa Hunts?

    Ottawa Hunts is an exciting new set of experiences brought to you by Lockdown Ottawa Escape Rooms. We have taken everything you love about Escape Rooms and brought them to some of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa! Now you can enjoy the thrill of an Escape Room, while enjoying the great outdoors and discovering new places in Ottawa!

  • What is a Hunt?

    Hunts are a combination between Scavenger Hunts and Escape Rooms! Hunts are interactive adventures through physical locations in Ottawa, driven by immersive and engaging storylines that will have you on the edge of your seat until the last clue!

  • How do you play a Hunt?

    After you book your Hunt, you will be given a link to your experience. Simply grab your phone, follow the link, and log in using your email address and the 'Reference ID 'on your booking confirmation. You will make your way through the story and puzzles on your phone, while exploring your surroundings to get clues along the way!

  • When can I play a Hunt?

    Some Hunts must be played on specific days or may have time restrictions, but for others, you can play anytime you want! Since Hunts take place in public spaces, please make sure you stay safe whenever you decide to play.

  • Do I win anything for completing the Hunt?

    Along with a sense of pride and memories that will last a life time, some Hunts will have a prize pool (only if specified) . Winners will be selected by random draw from the participant pool, unless otherwise specified. No monetary or in kind reward should be expected from participating or completing a Hunt.


  • Who can play a Hunt?

    Ottawa Hunts are fun for people of all ages and can be played by anyone looking for a fun and challenging activity! We recommend that all groups contain at least one player over the age of 15, to help ensure the safety of the group as they travel through the public spaces.

  • What rules need to be followed during a Hunt?

    Ottawa Hunts provides the digital experience, the puzzles and an immersive storyline, but the activity takes place in the public space and nearby to private property. Please ensure you are respectful of all private and public property, as well as all the people in your surroundings during the game.

  • What are your Terms and Conditions?

    We ask that all participants review our Terms and Conditions ( prior to participating in any Hunt.


  • How do I book my Hunt?

    You can book your Hunt at any time, through our booking page ( A credit card will be required to complete your purchase.

  • How much does it cost?

    Ottawa Hunts are available for as low as $15! For Hunts with a prize pool, a ticket is required for every participant. For Hunts with no prize pool, displayed prices are the costs for your entire group.


  • Can I cancel my booking?

    If you made an error in booking your Hunt, please contact us right away, by emailing, and we can help you to change your booking, as required.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Since Hunts are not booked to a specific date and time and can be played at any time, if your plans change, you can simply play your Hunt on another day. Therefore, we do not offer refunds and all sales should be considered FINAL. Exceptions may occur if a Hunt is cancelled indefinitely, by Ottawa Hunts, due to unforeseen circumstances.